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Explore the technical principles of 3D printers

source:DongGuan OURS Industrial Co.,LTD.  Release time:2017-07-22 16:16:29

Today we explain technology principle of 3 d printing, 3 d or 3 d, 3 d printers believe a lot of people feel weird, like we usually print, is printed directly on the paper or other surfaces, and it is different, can let the printed object three-dimensional, exactly how the technology to achieve such effect?


First of all, we know that 3D printer is a kind of cumulative manufacturing technology, that is, a kind of machine of rapid prototyping technology. Based on a digital model file, it USES adhesive materials such as special wax material, powder metal or plastic to make 3D objects by printing layers of adhesive materials.

In short, we just put our raw materials and data into a 3D printer, and it prints out what we want. Doesn't that sound great?It is like a craftsman who can make things according to our design, and it is exquisite and accurate.

If anything, the ink is the raw material.A 3D printer is a flexible machine that combines different media to produce an object that feels different, such as hard on one end and soft on the other.

Some use "inkjet," some use "deposition molding," some use "laser sintering," and even more, they use a stream of electrons in a vacuum to melt powder particles.

3D printer printing effect:


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